Dear Planners Friends 09:00. a.m

I wake up like half an hour ago, i dressed up, wash my teeth, drink some tea. Panther is the most destructive thing i have ever meet. The bus took an eternity. The record keeps playing, The eternal, she sings like hell!. Temperature 3 celcius degrees. My life is going backwards. The Chaav party is uncertain, like everything refer to chaavs life. A rollercoster thing like going up up up! and sudenly going down like you never imagine and CRASH into the ground. I think im gonna be sick, miss you darling (like hell). I had an strange dream last night one of my best friends died, but where I live that is a nice premonition, "They" said that if you dream that someone is gonna die, they live more. Im making a list about every person I meet that I really want to work with. My cellphone is ringing is kind of early but she wants the answer. My father is strange every day more and more. I wanna see my sis and mum i dont know why but nowadays im not seeing them as much as I want to.
I think is gonna be a while untill I will fall inlove again, I like 2 girls: the eternal fight against the foxy lady vs the crazy one. Sometimes I miss her but when I think about the time we spend together, it was the right thing to do. She doesn´t love me anymore, i think we where not meant to be together. I got to fix my bike, the old bastard winter doesn´t let me. I wanna meet Cory i think she will be a really funny person to smoke a joint with. I don´t know why people leave places like this one, every likes to fly sometimes I understand that, a really well known Economist said that life is just a secuence of event allrady planed. I desagree, Life is what we do every day too reach sucsess, what we imagine, what we feel, what the instint tell us to put all our heart in. Determination vs Eventually luck, but remember you can beat luck if you propose, we can do what ever we want with our lifes. Just plan and get focus maybe it will take but it does not matter, we will find the way.

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