First of the gang to die II.

Thursday after a hard night, Paul on the phone: shall we leave? Definitely was the answer. At 22:00. pm we were in the big city again, with the best gang ever, people that worth their weight in gold . Moreno now’s lives in Caballito, he is like my big brother, sincerely as a few and a kid spirit inside of him, he is fighting between becoming once and for all a successful executive man or the real Moreno man of ingenious, autogestion, do it yourself attitude. Baltar was the first one leaving on 2009, winter is hard she said one summer evening; now she lives on Buenos Aires, strong conviction woman, with a warrior soul, passion designer, always boarderlining. When I told them I will be there for the week, they do not hesitated, Caballito my second home. Such as two + two is four, Hinos + Moreno + Baltar equal DINAMITE. Chaos and order. Mind, Spirit, and Action.

First meeting point was the Peru restaurant, best food, best service, best price, unbeatable option: It was closed. Dinner is on, catching up, some old stories, laughing, dreaming, missing, planning, as we all do. The unexpected message arrived: I know you are in town; I want to see you it has been 3 years since the last time. I tried to put the best poker face ever, but my friends understand me, they know when anxiety attacks me. I told them it was time for me to leave, they understand. Love was knocking at my door one more time. With me heart in my hand, I choose for the unexpected/expected, the gathering. Nuñez is really far from Caballito, I prefer to drive & smoke, the best way to relax. When I arrive the place I was shocked, I remember the place, every movement and detail since the last time, the smell, metal work, nothing new; the new wave buildings are not my thing, I was feeling like a fish out of the ocean. I saw her, first fresh air first, lock us down later; we are so different but we know some much about the other, love in a pure self state. 5 am time for elimination. The gang was waiting for me, they never miss a thing. I arrived the place, with a beer in hand, nobody makes any comment, but I fell that they had been talking about it. I take a look of the place, found it! The accomplice saw me, we didn’t talk, I realize that he only want the best for all of us. One more time I am surprise, I get mad with them, but then I realized that I am nothing with out my A-team, I just loved them. About her nothing to say, I miss her so much. Love healing and understanding her best qualities, mines we will see. One more time the first in the gang to die.

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